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many of us have now seen blurred, but on these anniversaries are somehow sharply put into perspective. lower manhattan not only the financial capital of the world, but as i said ihe outset grown to include much of the new jersey metropolis around it and of course where i speak from right now and that is in jersey city in new york harbor and the bustling city next to me that now has so many of the premier brokerage giants that were battered then and then coming back here now and as i said then, they're kind of hedging their bets by establishing very large offices and the tallest new jersey skyscraper, the goldman sachs building in new york city and former goveor george pataki joining me, a very packed schedule because of everything going on here. good to have you. >> thank you, neil, good morning. >> you know, governor, as we take a look at this jersey city and what'sappening here in large part because of events nine years ago, where you stand now, there are many vewh say that everyone in the financialon community at the time and beyond got a little anxious about being in lower manhatt
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1